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What’s the difference between Data science vs ML vs AI?

What’s the difference between Computer Science BSc and Artificial Intelligence BSc? Feature from King’s College London It is the idea that technology will lead to machines that will have human-like faculty. When the car recognizes the sign, it should hit the brakes right in time, not too early and not too late. Let’s what is […]

How Conversational AI Technology Can Help Hotels Address Today’s Customer Service Challenges

Why is Conversational AI becoming a trend in Hospitality? We take care of your setup and deliver a ready-to-use solution from day one. Moreover, our user-friendly back office is designed for you to navigate easily through your communication with your guest in your most preferred language. However, none was adapted to the group goals and […]


eBay Shop Bot Customers new online shopping BFF? Bot-makers also began collaborating on workarounds when trainer companies redesigned their sites or changed their checkout procedures. All the bot-makers started with Nike, but soon, with Supreme being so elusive, everyone was going after it too. It was the trainer world that also, unsurprisingly, gaverise to shopping […]

Generative Artificial Intelligence AI Market Size & Trends 2023 Report

Generative AI Market Update 2023: Predicted to Achieve US$ 30 4 Billion Revenue by 2028 CAGR of 20.01% They will likely go into specific problem spaces (e.g., code, design, gaming) rather than trying to be everything to everyone. They will likely first integrate deeply into applications for leverage and distribution and later attempt to replace […]

How Much Data Do You Need To Train A Chatbot and Where To Find It? by Chris Knight

OpenAI has made GPT-3 available through an API, allowing developers to create their own AI applications. GPT-3 has also been criticized for its lack of common sense knowledge and susceptibility to producing biased or misleading responses. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. This database contains a […]

How to Create a Functional Chatbot for your Website

Best and most advanced AI chatbot for your company Growthbot works by its ability to answer questions relating to your target market. For example, if you sell software to SMEs and are seeking potential customers, you can ask Growthbot to “Show the SMEs in Bristol”. With its digital business model, Atom also has reduced overheads […]

10 Of The Best Use Cases Of Educational Chatbots In 2023

It was presumed that students welcomed such interaction as it provided learning support and understood its significance. Furthermore, as for constructive feedback, the outcomes for both groups were very similar as the critiques were mainly from the teammates and the instructor, and the ECs were not designed to critique the project task. Lapina (2020) added […]

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