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USDCAD U S. Dollar Canadian Dollar Forex Price

It is measured among others by the CPI (Core Price Index) and the PPI (Production Price Index). They are key indicators to measure inflation and changes in purchasing trends. The policy divergence between the Bank of Canada and the US Fed could continue to drive USD/CAD’s action in 2023. This is why the opinion indicators […]

Tick Index: Definition, Example, and Trading Strategies

We teach day trading stocks, options or futures, as well as swing trading. Our live streams are a great way to learn in a real-world environment, without the pressure and noise of trying to do it all yourself or listening to “Talking Heads” on social media or tv. Most traders look at time based charts, […]

Carry Trade: Definition, How It Works, Example, and Risks

At year-end, if the exchange rate between the dollar and EC is the same, your return on this carry trade is 5 percent (6% – 1%). If EC has appreciated by 10 percent, your return would be 15 percent (5 percent + 10 percent), but if EC depreciates by 10 percent, the return would be -5 percent (5 percent – 10 […]

This new dividend ETF offers investors income at a rock-bottom fee

DVY has performed exceedingly well YTD, and with the fund sporting a cheaper valuation and higher dividends than in the past, I believe that the fund will perform exceedingly well in the future. As an aside, I believe that DVY’s PE ratio declined, in part, due to issues of timing. Going from 19.5x to 11.6x […]

iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF USD Dist A0MW0M IE00B1XNHC34

Performance is shown on a Net Asset Value (NAV) basis, with gross income reinvested where applicable. Performance data is based on the net asset value (NAV) of the ETF which may not be the same as the market price of the ETF. None of these companies make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in […]